Health Insurance International

Live stress-free anywhere

Whether you’re living abroad, or you’re looking to, we’re here to ensure your peace of mind.

Who we cover:

  • Individuals and families
  • Business people, freelancers and self-employed
  • Students, interns and working vacation programs
  • Travelers

What we do:

To protect you as well as your family, whatever your relocation project, we:

… thoroughly research and select the best solutions available, taking into account:

  • Your specific requirements
  • Your destination
  • Your budget

…make it easy for you to build a close relationship with your advisor

…facilitate clear and efficient communication with your insurance company for the duration of your contract.

…respond to changes in your situation and location.

…are here to support your transition in any future return to your home country or change of host country.

Where we can help

Image d'une famille à l'étranger

Living abroad or emigrating

A range of international health and contingency insurance for individuals so you and your family are covered anywhere in the world.

Homme et femme d'affaires dans un aéroport

Professional travel abroad

An extensive selection of international health insurance solutions specifically designed to cover professional assignments abroad.

International Contingency

Be prepared for the unforeseen situations life may throw at you with our international contingency coverage.

Image groupe d'étudiants

Study or intern abroad and working vacations

International health cover adapted to your specific location, requirements and budget for your foreign education, internship or working vacation.

Image jeunes en vacance

Traveling Abroad

Choose a comprehensive international health and contingency insurance so that you can travel safe in the knowledge that you’re covered.

What our clients say about us

  • CATHERINE P (Hong Kong)

    When my son broke his wrist, we had access to the most advanced care at Queen Mary Hospital, which is among the best in Hong Kong. Our international health insurance, selected with the help of a HYPHEN MOBILITY advisor, covered all of our expenses. Thanks to it, we didn’t have to worry; we were able to offer Simon optimal treatment and recovery.

  • ANDREW C (Miami)

    We had recently moved to the U.S. when we sat down with our HYPHEN MOBILITY advisor. He put our minds at ease, clearly explaining how health insurance works in the United States. He was available to answer all of our questions and helped us find international health coverage that met our needs.

  • JEAN-JACQUES T (Chicago)

    I had been living in the United States for three years and had chosen health coverage without understanding the nuances of the American system. Thanks to HYPHEN MOBILITY, I was able to talk with an advisor who answered all of my questions. He understood my specific needs and helped me find the right solution.